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How to Choose the Right Darts for You

If you’ve become hooked on the fantastic game of darts, then chances are it’s time to look into getting your own darts from Canuck Amusements. Instead of just purchasing any darts, however, you want to make sure that you’ve picked a set that works to your advantage. There is a great deal of variation when it comes to darts. At Canuck Amusements and Merchandising Ltd., we sell darts in Calgary, and we can help you choose the perfect set of darts for you.

Choosing the right dart in Calgary

Step 1: Take note of how you prefer to hold darts

Because different sets of darts are weighted differently, you need to practice with some darts and pay attention to how you prefer to hold them. If you tend to hold darts more towards the front, then you’d likely benefit from front-weighted darts. Likewise, a rear-weighted dart is preferred by people who hold their darts towards the back.

Step 2: Consider dart weight

On top of being weighted in different parts, darts also come in a variety of overall weights. You can find darts that weigh anywhere from as little as 12 grams to as much as 50 grams. Where the dart is weighted and how fast you tend to throw will affect how heavy it should be.

Step 3: Consider dart barrel grips

Barrel grips are also highly variable. Dart barrels range from having no knurl at all to having heavy knurl. Knurling makes the dart easier to grip, but heavy knurling can also stick to fingers, messing up accuracy. If heavy knurling tends to get in your way, then choose a smoother barrel.

Step 4: Consider dart material

Darts can be made out of many different types of materials, including wood, nickel, brass, and tungsten. Each has a different feel and different characteristics, so it is important to find out which you prefer. League players tend to go with tungsten, though you can definitely consider alternatives depending on how seriously and competitively you play.

Step 5: Try out different dart flights

Finally, another personalization option for darts is the type of flight you choose to use. Flights come in numerous styles and sizes, with surfaces that are either dimpled or smooth. Smooth flight surfaces have a bit more speed to them. Dimpled surfaces, on the other hand, can slow down the dart and thereby make it more stable.

Party Supply Store Providing Quality Darts in Calgary

If you’re looking to purchase darts in Calgary, then Canuck Amusements and Merchandising Ltd. is the place to go. We’ve been providing darts and dart supplies to the Calgary area since 1976, and we have a wide variety of darts, shafts, flights, and dart accessories to choose from. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which of our high-quality darts are right for you.

Visit us at the address below or, if you have any questions, just contact Canuck Amusements and Merchandising Ltd., your Calgary party store, today.