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How to Get Party Items During COVID 19 in Calgary

A party requires decorations, confetti, balloons and maybe even costumes, but the lockdown has forced businesses to close down. So, it seems like it is not possible to throw a party, at least not in the traditional sense. But, what if we tell you Canuck Amusement & Merchandising Ltd. is offering curb side pick-up for our customers in Calgary. Yes, you can count on us for any party supplies you need to throw the best party during this lockdown. Our showroom is open and following strict safety precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

The worst thing about this lockdown is that we don’t get to meet our friends and relatives. So, we have thought of a few ways for you to have fun while maintaining social distance.

party accessories

Here are a couple of ways to celebrate a birthday during the lockdown:

  • Virtual party
    We have all been using video calls for work and to keep in touch with friends and family since the lockdown started. On similar platforms, you can throw a virtual party by inviting close friends and family to play games like dumb charades. You can have your kid open presents and cut a cake while their friends sing happy birthday on the screen. If it is an all adult party, encourage everyone to make margaritas and join you for a game of Truth Or Dare or Never Have I Ever. If a friend or relative is celebrating their birthday during this time, you can surprise them by coordinating a virtual party with their favourite people. Having a backdrop of decorations and dressing up would make it more fun.
  • Costume party
    Get your kids their favourite superhero and princess costumes to parade around in on their birthday and have a blast. Decorate the house and put up birthday banners to make them feel like it’s nothing less than a real party. And, if it is an adult at home who has a birthday coming up, rope them in for a full-fledged theme party. You could have a costume party with just your family or invite friends to take part through a video call; the more the merrier. We have a huge variety of costumes for all sizes, with matching accessories and makeup kits.

Even if you don’t have a birthday to celebrate, you can still throw a party just for the fun of it. Put on some music and have a dance off. Greet your neighbours in a costume and bring a smile to their faces, make them shake their heads and think, “look what shenanigans they are up to today.” Why stop there? Fill your house with helium balloons; they are fun to play with, they liven up the place and when you are really bored you can suck some helium out of them and have deep and meaningful conversations with your family. Catch up with friends and family, even if it is over the phone or on video and find creative ways to engage with each other during this time.

What better way to lighten up our lives during this lockdown than to turn the house into a party place? Social distancing has made all our lives very dull, but there is no reason why we can’t have fun at home. Canuck Amusement & Merchandising Ltd. is here to make your lockdown time a little more fun. Even during the lockdown, we are working to bring a little joy to our people. Contact us today for party supplies or to arrange curb side pick-up.