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Ten Facts about Helium

Whether it’s to mark an anniversary or to celebrate a seasonal holiday, nothing quite has the fun and whimsy of a helium-filled balloon. But what exactly do you know about helium besides that it makes balloons float? Learn more with ten fun facts about helium, and then come in to Canuck Amusements to pick out your balloons!

  1. Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, and the second lightest element.
  2. It is estimated that our sun produces 700 million tons of helium per second.
  3. Helium has the lowest boiling point of all elements—4.2 degrees Kelvin (that -268.8 Celsius)—just 4 degrees above absolute zero. Helium is the only element that cannot be solidified by sufficient cooling at normal atmospheric pressure.
  4. Helium was the first element not to be discovered on earth. In 1868 during a total eclipse, helium was discovered on the sun using a spectroscope. Terrestrial helium was not discovered until 1895.
  5. Helium (He on the periodic table) gets its name from the Greek, “Helios,” meaning sun.
  6. Quite often, helium is found with natural gas in the earth’s crust and is formed through alpha-decay of Uranium and Thorium.
  7. Rare on earth, the atmosphere is only 0.000524% helium. The element gradually escapes into space as the earth’s gravity is not strong enough to retain it.
  8. Qatar supplies approximately 30% of the world’s helium at the present. Helium is also found in Canada, and currently refined in Saskatchewan.
  9. Helium has many uses besides filling party balloons. Others include in MRI machines, deep-dive tanks, NASA space launches, computer chip manufacturing, and in arc welding processes.
  10. The world market is currently experiencing a shortage of supply and this situation is expected to continue till the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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